Best Bowls for Pugs

Are you looking forward to adopting a pug dog or you currently own one. Pugs are great and lovely pets and they can be your kids best friend. The fact that these dogs are lovely and innocent most owners want to take care of them as much as they can by purchasing all supplies they need.

Most pug owners will pay attention to purchasing the harness, pug food   and fail to buy a good bowl for the pug. In this article am going to review some of the best bowls for pugs available in the market.

What you need to know about pug feeding bowls

Pugs are dogs that love to eat. If they are left to feed without control these pets can become obese  and it’s because of that reason why owners use feeding charts and slow feeding bowls. They are also flat faced dogs and therefore they require special types of bowls that won’t cause any problems like bloating and gulping. Pug food bowl should cater for the following needs specific to these pets.

  • Less or no plastic-Some dog bowls are made using different types of plastics just like common plastics bowls on the market. What may be seem good and fine for other dog breeds may not be good for pugs. The fact that pugs are delicate some plastics can cause reaction that can greatly affect their health.
  • Perfect Design-There are great and perfect designs for dog bowls that makes feeding exciting and easy. For example, anti-slip or non-slip dog bowls ensures that the bowl does not slide when feeding. Anti-spill bowls prevents the food or water from pouring. Tilted bowls then ensures the food remains in our corner and its easy for the dog to feed on it. Elevated dog bowls brings the food near the dog mouth and this makes feeding easy also.
  • Anti-bloating dog feeding Bowls-These are types of bowls that are designed to be slow feeders. Slow feeder dog bowl for flat-faced dogs gives them time to breathe as they feed since they cannot feed continuously and this prevents bloating.
  • Hypoallergenic Materials-Most vet officers recommend the use of stainless steel dog bowls instead of plastic because they cannot cause any allergic reactions. Apart from stainless steel bowls, ceramic dog bowls also can be another perfect and reliable option.
  • Bowl Deep-Apart from pugs, other flat face dog includes French bulldogs. The best dog bowls for flat-faced dogs cannot be deep. That very important.
  • It has the right size for serving the dog and his face-Most dog owners will fill food on their dog bowls and if the bowl is very big the dog will be feeding on a lot of food and this can lead to obesity. Actually there are some bowls that are designed with scale that you can use to measure the amount of food your pet feeds on.

Best pug bowls in categories

We have categorized short snout dog’s bowls into the following categories: –

1.      Adjustable elevated dog bowls

Elevated dog bowls are not specifically suitable for any dog breed. This means that they can be used by either small or large dog breeds. What most dog owners don’t understand is that when the bowl is off the ground in a raised positions ensures the dog does not strain the neck when feeding.

For older dogs with joint and bone problems elevated bowls are perfect choice them. Our choice for elevated dog bowls is Adjustable elevated dog bowls with Wooden Rack

Key features

  • Comes with adjustable wooden stand therefore you can change the height depending on dog size.
  • Bowls are made using stainless steel with is the best material for making dog bowls.
  • Steel is easy to clean and no reactive.
  • Wooden rack cannot absorb water.
  • The stand prevents bacteria from getting into the food.

 2.Tilted dog bowls

These types of bowls are also known as slanted dog bowls. Titled dog bowls are ergonomically designed for flat face dog. They ensure the food remains in one corner of the bowl and this make it easy for the pugs to feed on the food. Our choice for these types of bowls is Tilted Dog Bowl with Automatic Water Dispenser

Key Features

  • This is not only a bowl but also there is a water dispenser.
  • The bowl is tilted at 15 degrees which prevents neck injuries on the dogs or cats.
  • Allows dog kibbles to gather in one position for easy feeding.
  • Its fall resistant.
  • Made using material that is easy to clean.
  • Has Anti-skid surface.

3.Travel dog bowl

Most dog owners love travelling or camping with their pets and therefore they will need a travel dog bowl. A good travel dog bowl should be easy to carry with somewhere where you can attach it to your travel bag also. Our choice for travel dog bowl is Eco Friendly Silicone Dog Bowl

Key Features

  • Made using silicone material which is high quality.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Can hold water and food.
  • Perfect dog travelling, camping and climbing dog bowl.
  • Brand new item from our store.
  • Wide top diameter that the bottom.

4.Durable stainless steel dog bowl

One of the best dog bowls are the ones that are made using stainless steel. One they are durable meaning they can last for long and they cannot break. Our choice for Stainless steel dog bowl costs Only US $17.99 and has below key features.


  • Durable with no-slip bottom for preventing bowl tipping when kicked by dog.
  • Rubber bottom for reducing noise when the bowl skids.
  • Easy and safe to clean using dishwasher.
  • Rubber can be removed easily to do cleaning.


The choice for your pug bowl is very important. You should careful read reviews of each item and determine how suitable it can be for your lovely pet. It’s my hope this article has helped you in choosing the best bowl for pugs.


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