Best brush for pugs-Buyer’s Guide 2019

Pugs dogs are known to be loving, adorable and they make man best friend. They were originally bred to be house dogs, which can comfortably sit on your laps, bed or car however, they have one big problem, which is shedding off their coat. Pugs shed much of their coat, therefore; you have to buy the right grooming tools like the best brush for pugs and best shampoo for pugs to reduce pug shedding especially in fawn pugs.

There are different types of dog grooming brush available in the market. Finding the best dog brush for pugs can be a difficult task. In this article, we have researched on some of the best brushes for pugs, tips you need to know about pugs shedding solutions, reasons why do pugs shed and different types of grooming brushes and their uses. Before we go into details about the best brush for pugs below is a quick preview of our choices.

Product Name Key Features Check Price
Furminator brush Furminator brush Great deshedding brush for small dogs with short hair
Stainless steel
Ergonomic handle
Reduce loose hair from shedding
Check Price on Amazon
hertzko slicker brush Hertzko slicker brush Best slicker brush for removing mats
Perfect for all dog breeds and size
Has anti-slip handle
Its comfortable on the hand
Check Price on Amazon
dakpets deshedding brush Dakpets deshedding brush Hypo allergenic
Stainless steel comb
Ergonomically designed
Its gentle when brushing
Check Price on Amazon
gopets bristle brush Gopets bristle brush Has two sides(Bristle and Pin)
Non-slip handle with silicone gel
Soft bristles to go deep up to undercoat
Easy to use
Check Price on Amazon
Chris christensen pin brush Chris christensen pin brush Its lightweight
Grip easy to handle
Durable brush
Stainless steel pins
Check Price on Amazon
Pat your pet undercoat rake Pat your pet undercoat rake Ergonomic anti-slip grip
Perfect for small and large dogs
Sharp blades to cut through mats
Does not rust
Check Price on Amazon
Andis comb Andis comb Lightweight comb
Stimulates skin and hair follicles
Remove tangles
Check Price on Amazon

What to consider before buying pug brush

  • Does your pug get nervous during grooming session-Some pugs do not like the brush feeling? They get uncomfortable and uncontrollable. For such dogs, it is advisable you purchase a tool that will make the dog feel like you are just doing normal petting while you are actually trying to clean and maintain his coat. Gloves can work well with such pugs.
  • Is your pug skin sensitive-In case your pug has a sensitive skin which is prone to the irritation it is important you get a grooming tool that will be gentle on the skin. The brush bristles should be soft so that they do not hurt the dog.
  • Is the pug in heavy shedding season-During pug shedding season, you will require a brush that will be capable of penetrating the pug thick undercoat? A simple brush with bristles cannot be ideal when a pug is shedding a lot.


What are the best grooming brush for pugs?

There are different types of brushes that can be used to groom pugs. You may feel lost if you have never bought a dog brush before. Let us break it down for you. Here are different types of pug brushes.

1.     Slicker Brush

These brushes have fine, short wires, which are close to each other. They are mostly used on all types of dogs coat i.e. medium to longhaired dog coats. They are suitable for removing mats in a dog coat.

Available in the market are different types of slicker brushes therefore, you have to choose the one with an ergonomic handle that will make pug grooming easy. These brushes can be used on other dogs like German Shepherds, Golden retrievers, and Yorkshire.

When brushing the dog with long hair that has formed mats, always be gentle when brushing them.

2.     De-Shedding Tool

De-shedding tool is a brush that has shallow harmless metallic teeth. They are used to remove loose fur on the dog by dragging it all over the pug coat.

3.     Bristle Brush

Generally, bristle brushes are used to brush shorthaired dogs, which have smooth coats like pugs. The bristles are packed tightly and they are used to remove hair that is loose on the coat. This brush also helps in stimulating dog skin. Perfect for dogs like pugs, Boston terriers, and Jack Russell.

4.     Combs

These are just like human combs however some have new styles that have rubber teeth, which work gently on detangling dog coat. These combs can also be used to remove fleas on the dogs, which cause itching, and sometimes they lead to skin infections.

5.     Pin Brushes

Pin brushes look like the ones people use. Mostly they are oval and they have flexible wires that have pins on the top. They are used to pick loose hair on the pug coat before it sheds off. They are perfect for completing the pug grooming process.

6.     Undercoat Rake

These types of brushes just look like small rakes. They have a single row of teeth that are wide apart. Teethes are long and they are capable of reaching the bottom layer of the dog coat. They pull loose hair and prevent shedding however; these brushes are the best for pug coats.

In case you are not sure which brush to use, it is important you consult a professional dog grooming expert or a veterinarian.

Best brushes for pugs: Editor’s choice

In our choices, we have picked at least one brush in each category. Our choices are based on bestselling brushes in Amazon.

Furminator brush

furminator brush for dogs
Click here to check price

If you are looking for the right de-shedding tool for dogs, this Furmiator brush is the best for you. It goes through the topcoat up to undercoat and removes loose hair. What I like about this brush is because it does not damage the topcoat.

It has ergonomically design i.e. a curve design that provides comfort as you deshed your pug coat. The handle also provides maximum control while going about the grooming process. This brush has two key features that are very important when grooming dog. One is the FURejector button, which is used to release the hair from the brush edges for easy disposal and an edge guard, which protects the brush edges when you are not brushing the dog.


  • It is a de-shedding tool made for small dogs with short hair.
  • DE Shedding edges are stainless good for removing loose hair.
  • Ergonomic handle and curved edges.
  • Prevents loose hair from shedding.
  • Does not pull long hair


  • It is expensive.

Hertzko slicker brush

Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush
Click here to check price

Looking for a self-cleaning slicker brush for dogs, go for Hertzko slicker brush. This brush does not scrape the dog coat. It makes it easy to take out hair with just a button press. This brush cannot only be used on pugs but it can work on any dog breed even the ones with a thick coat.

Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush is a great product. I love how it functions, for example, hair release mechanism and how it retracts its bristles. The brush is strong, good quality and its plastic frame are more sturdy. It is the most robust and good quality slicker brush I have ever come across.


  • Best brush for removing mats on dog coat.
  • It is gentle, works great all dog breeds, and cats.
  • Great for all dog sizes and different hair types.
  • Fine bristles, which go deep into the dog undercoat and does not hurt their skin.
  • Easy to clean using a button, which retracts, bristles back removing all the hair.
  • Makes dog feel good during grooming time. Feels like it is having a massage on the coat.
  • It is comfortable on your hand and does not strain the wrist.
  • It has an anti-slip handle.


  • Difficult to pull on wet hair.
  • Heavy pressure can hurt the dog

Dakpets deshedding brush

deshedding brush for long hair dogs
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Wondering if this deshedding brush for dogs only. It is perfect for all dog breeds and cats of different sizes and shapes that shed. This brush removes all the loose and dead undercoat without causing any damage on the upper coat.

It helps to promote pet healthy skin leaves dog topcoat shinning and helps to stimulate blood while going about the pet grooming process.

Dakpets is not only a  deshedding brush for long hair dogs but it can deshed on any pet coat i.e. short, medium, thick, thin or long.


  • Gentle and it is not irritating.
  • Reduce stress on the dog by removing the itchy lower coat.
  • Promotes bonding between the owner and the pet.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Non-slip handle.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable on the handle giving you total control while grooming.
  • Stainless steel combs.
  • Long bristles that reach the undercoat.
  • Has detachable combs, which can be used on long hair.


  • No negative remarks yet.

Gopets bristle brush

 best pet bristle brush
Click here to check price

Are you searching for the best pet bristle brush and pin brush? The search is finally over. Gopets bristle bush and pin is two in one brush, which makes grooming easy by removing excess hair in dogs and cats.

You do not have to visit pet groomers for your dogs and cat to look good and healthy; you just need to buy Gopets bristle brush. It is a double-sided brush, which is great for brushing and combing your pets.

The flexible brush allows you to choose the right type of brush, which is best for a certain type of coat i.e.  Short, long, double or single coats.


  • Has two double sides (pin and bristles) which makes this brush perfect for all coats.
  • Pin brush has round ends, which give your dog comfort while brushing.
  • The handle has non-slip silicone gel.
  • Easy to use and delivers great results.
  • The bristles are soft and designed to go deep into the dog undercoat.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Replacement tool is offered or a refund for customers who are not happy.


  • The gel spews out and am sure this gel is not a good substance if the pet eats it.

Chris Christensen pin brush

Chris Christensen dog brush.
Click here to check price

Every dog owner is reluctant to buy this brush because it is pricey compared with other brush options but this is the best pin brush available in the market. It does not hurt the dog and it is worthy. The dog will love this brush because he will feel comfortable while you are brushing him.

First time to use this brush with my pug, he was so happy and licked my face with content, which was very very rare of my pug. I do use the brush on a daily basis. The handle feels good on the hand and it is a quality brush. Below are some of the reasons why I love Chris Christensen dog brush.


  • It has polished tips, which are smooth.
  • Made using stainless steel pins.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Made using beech wood.
  • Has grip easy handle.
  • It is a durable brush.
  • Made in Germany.


  • Quite expensive

Pat your pet undercoat rake

best dematting tool for small dogs
Click here to check price

Are you looking for the best dematting tool for small dogs and you don’t have time to do the online search, try to pat your pet grooming tool which is the perfect undercoat rake.

This dematting rake will remove all the mats and knots on your dog coat leaving it shinning and looking healthy.

Note that mats not only do they make the dog coat look bad, they also irritate dog skin. They are perfect breeding sites for all parasites like fleas, ticks, etc.


  • Two in one grooming tool with dual sides with different teeth size.
  • Best for small and large dogs.
  • Has sharp blades to cut through tough mats.
  • Professional groomers recommend this brush.
  • Made using stainless steel that does not rust.
  • Comfortable on the hard when brushing.
  • Brush regularly to remove dead undercoat.
  • It has Soft ergonomic anti-slip grip.


  • No negative reviews yet.

Andis comb

Andis pet comb
Click here to check price

Andis pet comb is the best pet grooming tool, which is perfect for both cats, and different dog sizes. This comb effectively removes mats, debris, dirt and loose hair stimulating dog skin and hair follicles.

The brush is lightweight and you do not get tired when grooming the dog. It has both coarse and fine teeth.


  • Perfect for removing mats, dirt and loose hair.
  • Good for stimulating skin and hair follicles.
  • Great for fluffing and finishing.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It has slightly bend prongs, which are round.


Importance of brushing your pug coat

There are several benefits of brushing your pug coat on a regularly. It is important to note that brushing of dog coat is not for only the dog breeds that shed a lot like pugs but it is part of health grooming for every dog.

It does not matter the type of coat, either long, thing or short, it has to be brushed on a regular basis because it keeps the dog in good condition and helps to prevent them from pests and other skin diseases. Below are some of the benefits of brushing your dog coat.

Benefits of brushing pug coat

1.     Good time to bond

Brushing your pug coat can be the right time to bond. If your dog enjoys it, the routine brushing and soothing can be a good time for both of you as you de-stress after a busy day or week.

However, if the dog is hesitant to brushing, they will wriggle around but once they learn brushing is an awesome bonding experience they will always look forward to having more sessions of brushing. You can always make brushing positive by having a treat for them like Jicama, which they rarely take.

I personally do brush my pug on a weekly basis especially on weekends.

2.     Keeps your dog comfortable

Pug matted hair traps debris and dust. This dust can make the dog overheat making them uncomfortable especially during the summer season.

3.     Brushing helps to remove loose hair

Pugs have double coats i.e. an outer and inner coat. It is because of this reason why they shed a lot of their hair. Brushing their coat on a regular basis can help reduce shedding. You will not find the pug hair all over the house.

4.     Makes your pug look good

Brushing pug coat is an important part of grooming. A well-brushed pug coat looks good, healthy and happier compared with one that has never had a brush on their coat.

Unruly bad looking pug hair screams to the world that you do not have time to take care of your lovely canine friend.

5.     Overall pug body check up

Brushing your pug coat gives, you time to check his whole body. Brushing time, you have the opportunity to check bumps, fleas, and ticks which could be biting your dog causing itching and irritation. Removing them will prevent the spread. You can also check for any injuries or yeast spots that could be causing a bad odor.

6.     Prevents the hair from forming mats

I guess you know how it feels when somebody pulls your hair or when you try to comb a curled hair. It is painful, right. The same applies to pug coats. If you leave his hair to form mats, it can be painful when you brush it. Brushing it often prevents the hair from forming mats, which can also trap dust and debris making him so uncomfortable.

7.     Brushing helps to distribute oil in the whole pug coats

Just like other animals, dogs contain oil in their coats. They cannot groom themselves and spread the oils like cats do; therefore, they need the help of a person to spread the oil around their coat. Brushing their coat is one of the ways of spreading oil. Brushing will leave their coat shining and it prevents the oil from building up to form grease pulps.


Do pugs shed a lot?

The answer is YES with capital letters. If you are not committed to taking care of a pug, do not go ahead and adopt or buy one because they require a lot of attention and care.

Pugs shed their hair throughout the year and it is even more during summer and autumn season. You may be wondering why do pugs shed a lot; the reason is some have double coats.

Actually, there are two types of pugs i.e. black pug and fawns. I do own a black pug and I recently purchase a harness and leash, which is also available in our online store pug merchandise.

Black vs fawn pug

Here is a breakdown of the difference between black pugs and fawn pugs. Actually, the big difference is in terms of color.

  1. Black pugs are black in color while fawn has yellowish-brown color.
  2. Fawn pugs are more common than black pugs.
  3. Fawn pug has black markings, which are around the ears and their face.
  4. Black pugs have no facemasks.
  5. Fawn pugs are more trendy and most loved

In terms of shedding, fawn pugs shed, more than black pugs. Due to their shedding, pugs are not suitable for a family that has allergies.

Can you shave a pug

Most pug owners think that shaving their pug coat on summer is a good way of keeping him cool during the hot season however this is wrong.

What you do not know is that during summer, pugs grow less dense coat, which is used to protect the pug from heat i.e. insulating their body because they do not perspire to keep their body cool.

Shaving your pug is like removing their heat insulator, which protects their body, and this can cause serious problems on your pug.


Pugs are not just ordinary dogs. They need the right grooming tools for them to look good. Buying the best brush for pugs is the first step you need to take to reduce pug shedding. It is my hope this article will help you purchase the right pug grooming brush.

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