Best nail clippers for pugs

To groom your pug properly you need the following:-

  • Shampoo
  • DE shedding brushes
  • Nail clippers

Pug nails grow very first especially for puppies and trimming them often is very important to ensure your lovely pooch remains clean and good looking. Long pug nails can also be dangerous especially if you have kids who love playing with your pet.

In this article, we will review some of the best nail clippers for pugs available in the market. Before that, let look at some of the features to look for when buying dog nail clippers.

Before we can go into more details its very important to first declare our number one dog nail clippers.

Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder Dog Nail Clippers Painless USB Electric Cat Paws Nail Cutter Grooming Trimmer File US Dropshipping

Above is one of the best electric dog nail clippers available in market today. What amazes me is the cost of this item compared with other electric nail cutters. With as low as 15 USD you can get this nail grinder A Shipped to you from the USA in 4-13 days. Below are some of the key features that we love about this Electric pet nail cutter.


  1. Has 2 speed switch and 3 different size grinding ports.
  2. Perfect for all dog size i.e. large, medium and small.
  3. Less noise and vibration.
  4. Its rechargeable and comes with built in battery that takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.
  5. Body design is lightweight and ergonomic hence comfortable on the hand while trimming or cutting pet nails.

You can use the link on the left to check more details about this product.


What to consider when buying a pug nail clipper

Just like small dog shock collars, pug nail clippers come in different variety. Quality should be your top priority. If you purchase low-quality dog nail clippers they are likely to rust within a very short time. Dog nail trimmers with rust can be dangerous because they pose health risks to your pug and other pets.

A good pet nail clipper should be made using a stainless steel blade that cannot rust. Steel also remains sharp for a very long time and you can make precise and clean cuts on the dog nails. Blunt nail clippers can bent or break the nails and this can be very painful.

Another factor to have in mind is the size of your dog. One clip should cut the nail without repeated clipping. If you purchase a small dog nail clippers and your pet is oversize you will have a hard time trimming the nails. Pugs are small dogs and I do not think they require large nail clippers.

Before you can buy nail clippers for dogs, it is also important to understand various types so that you can choose what is right for your pet.

There are three types of nail trimmers for dogs. These are:-

  • Grinders
  • Scissor clippers
  • Guillotine  clippers


Dog nail grinders work differently. They do not clip the nails instead they grind them down. These nail trimmers for dogs are very important especially when it comes to large dogs that have very thick nails.

However, dog nail grinder has some drawbacks especially when it comes to dogs that are sensitive to noise and vibration. You need to train your pet first before using grinders because they also take alot of time when clipping than ordinary scissor-style clippers.

Scissor clippers

The other name for scissor clippers is Miller’s Forge Trimmers. Just as the name suggests, these clippers look like a pair of scissors. They can be used on any dog size; however, most dog owners use them to trim thick nails that need extra force. Clipping process is fast and has no vibration effect.

Guillotine clippers

These dog nail clippers work in an easy way. All you need to do is to stick the end of dog nail in a small hole and squeeze it.

The nail clipper blade is lowered to slice the end of the nail that is protruding, outside of the hole.

Best nail trimmers for dogs   

Reviewed below are some of the best nail clippers for pugs. If you have, large dogs you can look for a large dog nail clipper model in each type.

Safari nail trimmer

Best nail trimmers for dogs   
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Safari dog clippers are some of the finest top quality stainless steel, which can last for a very long time while remaining sharp. If you are the right or left-handed person you do not have to worry because this guillotine nail clipper is double-bladed.

Pug nail trimming can be a good bonding time. Make sure you start nail trimming your puppy at an early age so that he can get used early. Apart from Safari nail trimmer, you can also purchase safari dog nail file which is useful in shaping your pug nails after clipping them.


  • Perfect for maintaining nails and trimming them.
  • Available in all sizes i.e. large and small.
  • Remains sharp for a very long time.
  • Easy to use and offers a comfortable grip on the hand.

Master guillotine nail clippers

Master guillotine nail clippers
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These guillotine nail trimmers can be used to cut medium and large dogs nails safely using very little effort. The blades are thick and can remain sharp even after using them severally. The handles have rubber that helps in providing comfort and control while you are trimming the dog.

How to trim dog nails using this clipper

  • Hold tightly the dog paw.
  • Making sure you do not clip the blood vessels, trim the nail.
  • For nails that are dark clip small parts of the nail.
  • Continue trimming until you see the dark circle.

Other key features we loved

  • Rubber handle for firm grip and proper control.
  • Thick blades for cutting tough thick nails.

Boshel dog nail clippers

Boshel dog nail clippers
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Looking for a powerful, easy-to-use professional nail trimmer, you should go for Boshel pet nail clipper because it is ergonomically designed. Pet groomers and animal trainers recommend this nail trimmer.

First time to come across this clipper, i loved it for several reasons. The nail clippers are made using high-quality stainless steel blades which are 3.5 mm thick. The blade will remain sharp for several years and you will not have stress sharpening them. The nail clippers can be used to trim both cats and dogs.

The nail clipper is comfortable on the hand and offers a good non-slip grip with an ergonomic handle that prevents accidental cuts. It is the best dog nail clippers with sensor safety feature which reduces the risk of trimming short nails and injuring your dog.

Once you purchase these nail clippers you will receive a free mini nail file that you can use to file the sharp nails after trimming them.

Peticare pet nail trimmer

Peticare pet nail trimmer
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This is one of the safest ways to trim your dog and cat nails using Peticare products. Peticare the illuminated pet nail clipper was invented by pug lovers with the help of professional vet officers with wide knowledge about dog’s healths.

One feature i love in Peticare nail trimmer is the LED light that helps in illuminating the nails for fine cutting. This nail clipper also magnifies the nails to make them appear large for precise trimming. Even though Peticare illuminates light using LED bulbs it s is not best dog nail clippers for black nails because it only illuminates light or clear colored nails.

Epica dog nail clippers

Epica dog nail clippers
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You can make pug-trimming nails easier and comfortable by using the Epica professional nail clippers and I guarantee both of you will have a fun time. Several key features make Epica dog nail clippers stand out from the rest. For example:-

  • They are made using top quality stainless steel that is durable and cannot rust. Blades are capable of remaining sharp for a very long time.
  • Using less effort, you can cut the dog nails without leaving ragged edges.
  • Perfect for medium and large dog likes German shepherds, Rottweilers, etc.
  • The safety lock ensures you do not injure yourself when taking them out from the bag.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed with anti-slip rubber therefore; they cannot slip to hurt your dog.

Pet Republique dog clippers

Pet Republique dog clippers
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If you own both pugs and cats, Pet Republique clippers are best for you. They are made for small dogs breeds like pugs, French bulldogs and cats. They have thick steel blades that cannot rust. The blades also remain sharp for a very long time without having to sharpen them anytime you trim nails.

The handle is no-slip and you can make cuts very fast with less effort required. In case the pet’s nails are long, cut small amount repeatedly.


Dremel 7300-pt 4.8v pet nail grooming tool

Dremel 7300-pt 4.8v pet nail grooming tool
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Sometimes using dog nail clippers can injure or can cause pain especially when the nails bend or break. Dremel has simplified pet grooming by coming up with the best electric nail trimmer for dogs with a cordless pet nail grinder which is capable of trimming the nails very fast and in a quick way. Below are the key features:-

  • It is harmless and humane.
  • The grinder is a two speed therefore; you can choose the right speed.
  • For optimum control, it is a cordless tool.
  • Compatible with several Dremel drums and bands.
  • Comes with 4.8 volts battery.

Pedi paws nail grinder

Pedi paws nail grinder
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This is the last pug nail-grooming tool we will review in our list of best nail clippers for pugs. If you are a serious buyer of pet products like crates, harness, carrier bags, etc.  you must have come across Pedi  Paws products.

In case your dog is sensitive to noise, this is the quite electric nail trimmer that you should buy. Introduced recently, it is the right tool for trimming pet nails and leaving them smooth, round without any mess.

Even though sometimes introducing your pug to some new tools can be difficult you need to be patient and your pet will enjoy the grooming process. Most pet owners spend so much money by taking their pugs to professional pet groomers. Pedi paws dog nail trimmer are easy to use and they are not expensive. Your pug will love the gentle clipping process and they will look forward for more grooming sessions.

What we loved

  • Dog nail grinder is more precise and cannot cut dog nerves.
  • Perfect for pugs, cats, and other small dogs.
  • Batteries are sold separately and they are readily available in any store.
  • The cap that acts as a protection, has clipped filings that prevent mess.

Reasons why you need to trim your pug nails

Normally dogs that spend most of their time outdoors playing in concrete floors and running around, you will realize their nails get worn-out without even having to trim them whereas for pet dogs like pugs that spend most of their time indoors their nails will grow longer and longer.

Leaving your pugs nails to grow long can have not only an aesthetic problem but also health and comfort problem. Pugs can easily injure their legs if the nails are long and they can have difficulty time walking or running.

They can be even worse for adult pugs that have joints problems. If the nails are left to grow without trimming, they can curl and grow towards the dog pad.

Pug with long nails also can tear your leather seats especially when they play while seated on them. If you have kids,  who love to play with your pug can get hurt by the nails. For example my 2-year-old son like to carry my puppy pug on his back. One day, he suffered nail bruises. That the same day I had to buy pug nail clippers to trim all the nails. My son can now enjoy playing with our lovely pet.

How to cut a pugs nails

Wondering how to cut dog nails? It is an easy process provided you have the right sharp dog nail trimmers. Below are six steps that you can take.

  1. Calm your pug first. Make sure you have a friend who can hold his legs. Let the paws extend forward as he sleeps on his belly. Assure your pet everything is okay by gently rubbing his back. Cover the paws with a towel so that he cannot see what is going on.
  2. Paws still covered with a towel, gently touch the nails so that the pug can be get acquitted to the touch before you can begin clipping the nails.
  3. After reducing sensitivity on the nails, place the nail inside the trimmers slot. Trim only the ends by exerting force.
  4. The pug will have no reaction if you are correctly cutting the nails and not interfering with his nerves.
  5. Using a nail file, gently file the nails to ensure they cannot scratch anything.
  6. Check the nails for any blood and if they are okay clean them.


Taking care of pug does not only involve buying him/her clothes and the right food depending on his age but also grooming them accordingly. You do not groom pet to not only look good but also remain comfortable. It is my hope that this best nail clippers for pugs article will help you in find the right nail trimmers for your pugs. Make sure you check our pug shop for cheap clothes for both you and your pet.

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