What are the best pug beds and why are they important

If you recently owned a pug, you must be wondering which the best pug bed available in the market. In this article, we will review some of the pug beds that you can purchase for your lovely pooch.

Pugs are known to be lovely and adorable. They love spending most of the time playing next to you during the day and even at night. Most people who own these pets actually allow them to sleep on their beds.

Allowing your pug to sleep in your bed is not a good idea. He does not benefit more than he would when he had his own bed. Most pug owners get it wrong when we talk of a dog bed. A dog bed is not a steel crate that can be used to confine a dog without food or even any clothes during winter. Actually, it is a flat or elevated dog bed that can be placed near your bed, therefore, reducing pug anxiety of being alone.

There is the importance of purchasing a pug bed. Both you and the pug will have health benefits. Do not forget pugs shed a lot and if you are allergic to their hair, you will have more problem with your health.

Before we can look at the reasons why you need to purchase a pug bed, below are some of the recommended beds you can purchase.

Importance of buying you’re a pug a bed

Apart from having food and clothes, we human beings need a place we can relax, stretch ourselves and have some sleep so that we can regain more energy for the next day. The same applies to dogs also. They get tired like us and they need a place they can relax and have some sleep. Therefore, a dog bed should be in the vital list of items you should have before even he comes home. Here are other benefits.

Establishing rules around the house

Even though it looks adorable and awesome to have your pug sleep in your bed, it is not a good idea. In the long run, he will end up taking over the bed and you won’t be able to get him out. As a dog owner, even though you have to play with him, you should set boundaries and establish yourself as a master and he should obey you.

Having a bed for him will make it possible to set rules of the places he can go and which he has no access. He will get used since his bed will offer the comfort that he could get on your bed.

Helps in containing pug fur around the house

It is no doubt that pugs do shed a lot of their fur all year round. The reason is that these dogs have two double coat hence double shedding. If you allow your dog to sleep anywhere, in the house you will have their fur all around the house and cleaning it can be tedious. To manage pug-shedding habit you need to purchase a bed so that you can create a space for them where they can spend most of their free time when indoors. It will be easy for you to clean the fur since it will collect in one place.

Good for his health and yours

Dog fur in your bed can cause respiratory complications, which can really be very serious especially for people who are allergic to this fur. If you decide to chase your pug away from your bed. He will end up sleeping on the floor, which can be uncomfortable for him leading to restless, and no sleep.

Lack of good sleep can affect overall dog health. Dogs, which do not get enough sleep, become troublesome and violent, even to the owner. For senior pugs with joint problems, the condition can even worsen.

Insulation during the winter

Dogs are very vulnerable to temperature changes. Just like us human beings how we need to remain warm during cold seasons, also dogs need to retain optimum temperature for them to be comfortable. Allowing your dog to sleep on the floor can be risky because he can get cold-related diseases. Therefore, it is important to buy your dog a bed to ensure they remain comfortable.

For people living in cold areas, you can consider purchasing heat dog beds that are capable of creating the required temperatures for your dog.

Protect your furniture

Your dog cannot tell what the cost of acquiring a decent Italian sofa. He will just snuggle there and leave fur. Dogs that love to chew are even worse. When left alone in the living room they can tear your leather sofa sets and leave fur there. To ensure your sofa seats and other furniture in the living room are safe, buy him a dog bed and add chew toys there.

Different types of dog beds

Here are different types of pug dog beds.

Elevated Dog Beds

These are types of beds that are raised on the ground. They have several benefits to both you and the dog.

  • They allow the dog to remain cool since there is free airflow. They are suitable for pugs because these dogs tend to overheat especially when the weather is warm.
  • They are easy to wash and maintain beds.
  • Help in protecting your dog from flea, mite, and mold, which can make his life uncomfortable.
  • These beds are lightweight therefore; you can easily move them to different places in the house.
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage.
  • These bed fabrics are made using polyethylene of high density.

Recommended best-elevated dog beds for pugs:-

Bolster beds

These types of beds are also known as bumper beds. They comprise of a flat bottom and three raised side bumpers. The side that has not been raised allows the dog or puppy to easily access the bed.

Bumper beds are the best choices for pug and small dogs. They are available in a wide range of sizes. There are reasons why you should purchase bolster beds. These are-

  • Help in improving dog health and reducing joint pain.
  • Made using durable comfortable polyester and cotton material.
  • Optimal dog support and comfort.
  • They have a cover that is resistant to water and tear.
  • Non-skid button.
  • Perfect for small dogs and cats.
  • Easy to clean with a machine.

Recommended best bolster beds for pugs

Flat Mattresses

There are very different dog beds. They just have a flat mattress with no pillow while others have one side pillow.

They are the best choice for dogs that love to lie on the floor. Below are qualities to look for when buying a flat mattress.

  • The memory foam should be strong enough not to flatten.
  • The external covers and waterproof liner should be waterproof.
  • Washable covers that are durable.
  • Memory foam should offer support to dogs with joints.

Best flat mattresses for your pug

Factors to consider when choosing the best dog bed

There are so many different types of dog beds available in the market. To pick the right one, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Budget-The price of a dog bed is very important. You need to spend less while getting the best bed suitable for your pug. Determine your budget before going shopping for a dog bed.
  • Perfect fit for your dog-Your dog size is also very important. There are beds that are suitable for large dogs while others like donuts are suitable for small dogs. The whole body of the dog should be able to fit in the bed without having his joints touching the floor. The bed should provide optimal comfort while your dog rests.
  • Easy to wash-A perfect dog bed should be easy to wash. Machine washable beds are the best because you will not wash the dog urine, vomit, and fleas.
  • Environmental condition-if you live in cold areas heated dog beds are the best because they are capable of providing enough warmth needed by the dog. For those who live in warmer places, elevated dog beds are capable of allowing free airflow that can regulate the dog temperature.


Dog beds are very important. Before you can even bring your pet home, make sure you have his bed and crate in place. Apart from good food and grooming, your pug needs a place he can rest after a tiresome day. Remember allowing your pug to sleep in your bed affects your health and dog behavioral. Dogs, which do not have a place comfortable to sleep on lack good sleep and they, in turn, become violent. Take time to visit our pug merchandise store to check what we have for both you and your pug.

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