Best remote shock collar for small dogs review

Looking for a best remote shock collar for small dogs is not just a walk in the park and that probably why you are here. In this article, we will review top-rated remote dog training collars for small dogs available in the market.

We can choose shock collars depending on our needs. Generally, collars are not used to punish the dogs but to correct their undesirable behavior like unnecessary barking. They can also be used to reinforce already learn commands like sit, come, etc. Below are our top picks.

Table of 10 best remote shock collar for small dogs

Preview Key Features Check Price
remote dog training collar LCD Screen Display
0-100 vibration and shock levels
4 Different training modes
Remote training range up to 300meters
Two metal prongs for long and short haired dogs
Check Price on Amazon
dog training collar 0-99 vibration and static shock levels.
Remote training range up to 800 meters.
power and memory save modes that are automatic.
Capable of training up to 3 dogs
Check Price on Amazon
Training modes i.e. sound ,vibration, shock and light.
Remote with LED flashlight.
Remote training range up to 800 meters
Check Price on Amazon

What to look for in best training shock collar for small dogs

There are a variety of shock collar available in the market and you can easily get lost when buying one if you do not know what to look for. Below are some of the key features that can help you determine the Best remote shock collar for small dogs:

  • Cost –Depending on your budget, you can be able to determine which collar to go for. Most dog owners think that expensive e-collars guarantee safer static shock but that not true. You cannot use cost as a way of determining how safe the collar is. It is important to note that shock delivered by all collars are mild and not harmful to any dog breed or size. What mostly determines the price of collars is the features. For example, a collar that is capable of training more than one dog is expensive than a one dog collar therefore, you can get a cheaper one for even $49 or expensive one amounting to more than $200.
  • Waterproof collar-If your pug loves water or you are going to use the collar in wetlands or activities involving water like swimming, choose a waterproof collar. A waterproof collar will work normally even when submerged in water up to 25 ft. or more.
  • Shock stimulation levels-Collars have different levels of static stimulation. Some have up to 100 levels. A collar with a wide range of stimulation is the best because you are capable of adjusting it to specific shock stimulation levels depending on the dog response. For example, some dogs are more stubborn. They will require a higher level of stimulation to respond whereas others can respond with low stimulation therefore; a shock collar with a wide range of stimulation can be used to train different dogs.
  • Training range-As a dog owner, you would like a system that allows you to control your dog over long distances. Most remote collars are capable of controlling dogs up to 1000 feet whereas others can extend their capability up to 300 or even 500 yards. What can determine your mile range is your training grounds. For example, if you are looking for a dog collar for training in highlands you will require a device with a long mile range designed specifically for upland hunting.
  • Multiple training modes-Most collars have at least two or three training modes. These are a beep, shock vibration, and light. It is always advisable to start with less painful modes like beep or light before you start to use shock stimulation. It is therefore important to choose a device that has different training modes.

Types of small dog shock collar

small dog shock collar
types of small dog shock collar

There are three types of small dog shock collars that are used for walking, running, hunting, training and even restraining the dog in a certain area. All these collars use static electronic shock. They include.

  • Bark shock collar-These is the type of shock collars that deter the dog from barking unnecessarily especially when you are away. They deliver static charges when the dog’s barks. They are suitable for small stubborn energetic dogs
  • Remote controlled collars-As the name suggests these collars can be operated remotely. They consist of a collar and a remote. When the button on the remote is pressed, electric charges are delivered on the dog by the collar. They are suitable for hunting and keeping an eye on your dog while enjoying a walk in the backyard. Some have Gps capability therefore; you are able to track your dog location.
  • Boundary collars-These are collars that are used to contain dogs in a certain boundary. When the dogs go behold the specified boundary, the shock collar vibrates and produces a static shock.

Top 10 best small dog bark collar detailed review

Sportdog 425x

Sportdog 425x
Click here Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for e-collar for field training and hunting, Sportdog field trainer 425 is the best for you. This collar is light and small compared with other Sport dog collar brands. The remote is quick and can be operated without looking at it giving you the chance to focus on the dog movement. Below is what we love about this collar.


  • Train up to 500 yards range.
  • Capable of training 3 dogs at the same time if you buy extra collars.
  • Three different training modes i.e. beep, vibration or shock.
  • Variable static stimulation levels up to 21.
  • Uses DryTek technology.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • For all dog sizes i.e. small dogs weighing 8 pounds or larger ones.


  • Packaging-Inside the box is sealed with a tough plastic, which requires a sharp object to cut.

Garmin alpha 100 tt15

Garmin alpha 100 tt15
Click here Check price on Amazon

Are you a sports person who owns sporting dogs? If the answer is yes, Garmin alpha 100 tt15 is the best long-range dog-training collar that will deliver optimum performance. This collar GPS tracking capability makes it an invaluable tool for dog owners who love field activities.

One key feature that makes this collar to stand out is the ability to set boundary or geo-fence for your dog. If the dog goes behold the boundary you set, you receive alerts making it possible to track your dog movement in the field.

This collar also comes with preloaded maps, therefore, you are able to know your surroundings. In case you love group hunting with your friends, you can easily trace their location in the forest.


  • Capable of training and tracking up to 20 dogs at the same time.
  • Training range up to 9 miles.
  • Eighteen static stimulation levels.
  • Different training modes i.e. tone and vibration alerts.
  • Determines dog speed while moving.
  • The battery can last up to 20 hours.


  • Sensitive touchscreen.

Petspy training collar

Petspy training collar
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This is one of the most effective and easy to use dog-training collar. It can be used to correct unwanted behavior and keeping your dog on the track while walking, hunting or relaxing in the park. Suitable for first-time dog owners and professional trainers who want to reinforce already learned commands.

This collar also comes with a free e-book that has shock collar training tips. You do not have to be a professional dog trainer to use this collar. The maker of this electronic dog training collar is Pet Spy which is a company based in Florida USA.


  • Three training modes i.e. shock, vibration, and beep.
  • Sixteen levels of stimulation for different dog sizes and sensitivity.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Remote range up to 650 yards.
  • Free dog training eBook.
  • Waterproof collar.
  • Easy to use for first-time dog owners.


  • Charge on collar last for a few days therefore, you have to recharge on a daily basis to be on the safe side.

Dogtra 1900s

Dogtra 1900s
Click here Check price on Amazon

This collar is light and more ergonomic compared with other Dogtra collar versions. It is even more effective on lower setting and vibration is so strong. What I love about Dogtra 1900s is the ability to train more than one dog at the same time while correcting their behavior separately. You can also be able to set each collar in a way that is effective for a specific dog.


  • Perfect for small dogs as 35lbs.
  • Two-hour rapid charging batteries.
  • Stimulation level between 0-127.
  • Ergonomically shaped collar to fit dog neck well.
  • Train up to ¾-mile range.
  • Fully waterproof dog collar.
  • Best for professional and amateurs dog trainers for training dog obedience, hunting, etc.
  • Durable and dependable, suited for all weather conditions.
  • USA based customer support.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Price a bit high compared with other collars.
  • For serious dog trainers who train for hours, you have to recharge this collar over the night on a daily basis.

Mini educator dog collar

Mini educator dog collar
Click here Check price on Amazon

E collar mini educator has two versions of the collar. One is capable of supporting up to two dogs but it is a bit expensive while the other supports only one dog. This collar is adjustable and the collar has a lot of lengths. The extra length that is not needed can be cut off so that it will not bother the dog flopping about.


  • Training range up to ½-mile range.
  • Can train dog size 5lbs.
  • Ergonomically designed system.
  • 100 levels of stimulation.
  • Durable collar strap.
  • Remote controlled night light.
  • Resistant to shock.
  • Totally waterproof.
  • Rapid charging system.


  • Two dogs system is a bit expensive.

Petsafe remote trainer

Petsafe remote trainer
Click here Check price on Amazon

Petsafe dog training collars are very quick and effective devices to train the dog. You can get your dog attention up to hundreds of yards by a single button press. Petsafe collars have a variety of devices that can suit your dog personality and its lifestyle.

Apart from tracking dog movement, these remote collars can be used to reinforce positive behavior and eliminate nuisance ones like barking, therefore, they are the best shock collar for small dogs barking.


  • Train up to 900-yard range.
  • Best for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Three different training modes i.e. tone, vibration, and static stimulation.
  • 1-15 static stimulation levels.
  • Has safety lock i.e. 8-15 stimulation levels locked.
  • Capable of training up to two dogs.
  • Waterproof remote and collar.
  • Quick charging adapter.
  • Easy to read display.


  • Collar adjuster consistently and easily slides.

Pet trainer shock collar

Pet trainer shock collar
Click here Check price on Amazon

In case your new to e-collars and you’re looking for s system that can correct dog obedience around the house, backyard or while taking a walk in the park, this is the ultimate small dog shock collar with remote you should buy.

Pet trainer shock collar is built to suit new dog trainers and professional ones. It has an interface that is easy to understand. You will spend less time learning how to use this dog-training collar.


  • Contact points covered with soft silicone to prevent skin irritation.
  • 100% waterproof collar receiver.
  • Receiver and collar can be charged simultaneously.
  • 0-100 static stimulation level.
  • Three training modes i.e. static Stimulation & Vibration, and a standard Tone.
  • Remote training range up to 1000ft.
  • Waterproof collar receiver.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • It is so slick and moves when the dog shakes the head.

Peston dog training collar

Peston dog training collar
Click here Check price on Amazon

This collar is purposely made to correct dog bad behaviors. Even though dogs are the human best friend and most trustworthy and faithful companion you can have, sometimes they become so naughty.

They can bark all day and night while you are away. Their barking can disturb your neighbors; therefore, a remedy is needed for such dogs. You can use PESTON dog collar to correct this unwanted behavior.

Apart from correcting bad behavior, this collar can also be used to reinforce already learned commands and make him become smarter.


  • Professional training collar for both first-time pet owners and professional trainers
  • Perfect collar for leash training, walking and correcting barking.
  • 2000 ft. remote range.
  • Three training modes i.e. vibration, beep, and static shock.
  • 100% water resistant.
  • 1-year replacement warranty.


  • Conductive screw too large and do not screw well.
  • Low beep sound.

aetertek 218c

aetertek 218c
Click here Check price on Amazon

aetertek 218c shock control pet dog training collar is a great product. The collar is nice and remote is also lightweight therefore easy to carry around. This collar can work with all dog sizes from 15lbs to 150lbs.


  • Remote collar with 9-levels of stimulation.
  • Three training modes i.e. shock, beep, and vibration.
  • Power on and off switch.
  • Waterproof collar.
  • Has anti bark feature.
  • Capable of training two dogs at the same time.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Remote training range up to 600 yards.


  • Holds less charge

iSPECLE Dog Training Collar

iSPECLE Dog Training Collar
Click here Check price on Amazon

This is the best dog training collar under 50. Its more user friend compared with other brands. Remote is easy to operate and very sleek. The collar receivers are lightweight and small. They are capable of holding a charge for a very long time.

This collar is designed to preserve battery. If a collar is left with no activity, it turns off but after long pressing the button it powers on again.


  • Remote range up to 875 yards.
  • Train your dog in the park or backyard.
  • Great for correcting dog barking, walking and leash training.
  • Collar touch points are made using soft silicone therefore, they cannot cause skin irritation.
  • Can be used to train a dog in any weather conditions e.g. water.
  • Four training modes i.e. shock, vibration, beep and LED light.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Waterproof collar.
  • 0-99 adjustable stimulation levels.


  • The receiver turns off if not activated.

Related Questions

Can shock collars be used on small dogs?

The answer is yes.

Do shock collars hurt small dogs?

The answer is No. Even though e-collars electrocute the dogs, they have no harm. You might be wondering what the dog feels. The shock delivered on the dog is like ten units, which is less harmful to even small dogs.

Most collars available in the market are adjustable and can be used depending on dog sensitivity. You can always find a perfect stimulation level for even small dogs.

I recommend trying other training modes like vibration, beep and LED light before using shock because they are painful and can make a dog become aggressive. Avoid using shock collars with dogs that are aggressive because they can turn wilder.

How to train your dog with a shock collar

Learning how to train a dog with e collar is an easy task, which you can learn even if you are a new pet owner who has just purchased the shock collar. There is a certain procedure that you need to follow otherwise you can emotional torture the dog and he/she may not recover.

It is important to note that dog-training collars can only be used to positively reinforce already learned commands and not training new commands. Below is a procedure on how to use a shock collar.

Purchase the right dog training collar

There are certain considerations that you should have in mind before buying an e-collar. A the start of this post I have highlighted them. Make sure you purchase a collar with variable levels of stimulation, different training modes, and a long range.

Once you have purchased the collar, charge it and read the manual script. Put the collar on the dog for several days before you start training so that he can get used to it.

Keep this in mind, never let the dog see you holding the remote, he should not know you are the person activating the shock because that can affect your relationship.

Train dog behavior or command first before starting to use a remote collar

Just like human beings, dogs also can learn and change unwanted behavior. Collars cannot be used to train dog new behavior. You have first to introduce the behavior to the dog. Use treats at first and use certain words as commands. Make sure the commands are short and can be easily be remembered by the dog. For example, sit, run, stop, etc. Avoid using dog names as commands because they will confuse him.

Start reinforcing already learnt command

Now that you have introduced certain commands to the dog, it is time to reinforce them. Say the command to your dog like SIT and wait for your dog response. If he does not respond, press the remote button and repeat the command again.


  • Trying using other training modes like vibration, beep and LED light before using shock. Once you start using shock start with lowest stimulation level and check your dog sensitivity. Increase it in case he does not respond.
  • Praise your dog once he responds. You can have treats that you can offer him at the end of the training. Rewarding the dog will make him love the training.

Control dog unwanted behavior

You can also use a collar to stop dog from barking, digging holes in the backyard when you let him outside. Check on him closely and when he starts digging. Activate the remote. Do not hold the button for more than 3 seconds because you may injure him. Remember electronic collars are not for punishing dogs but correcting their behavior.


If used correctly, shock collars are very effective dog training. They are widely used because they are safe and they do not hurt your dog. Remember they are devices that have been tested and they have been approved to be safe. It is my hope that this article will help you to make the right choice for your best remote shock collar for small dogs.

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