Best toys for pugs

Pugs are very active and playful animals that cannot remain claim in the house. If you do not purchase the best toys for pugs, you risk your furniture or even your children toys because these cunning animals will chew them.

Pug toys are very important because they also help these small pooches to exercise and help them in losing some weight they have gained after feeding a lot. Apart from exercising, the dog and helping them keep fit, exercise also helps to stimulate the mind and give you time to bond while playing. Before we can list some of the best toys for pugs, let first look at some of the features to consider before purchasing a pug plush toys.

What to look for in pug toys

Dog life stage

Dog toys are like children toys, they are grouped depending on the dog age. Critical dog stage is during the teething period. At this stage, you need to purchase pug puppies chew toys. Other dog stages are adult and senior. Generally adult and senior dogs are less playful they do not require different toys.

Toy size and texture

Dog toy size is very important. Small toys that can be swallowed by the dog can be dangerous because they can easily choke them while playing.

In addition, toys that are soft tear easily when a dog chews them and they can be dangerous. Small toys parts that are swallowable by the dog can cause intestinal blockage and can be fatal.

If you realize your dog toys are, showing any signs of breaks it is the high time you need to replace them with new ones otherwise you risk losing your lovely pooch.


Some dog owners who want to buy cheap dog toys without thinking about the health effects that toys made using toxic material can have on the dog. A good pug toy should be made using organic material, which is non-toxic and water-resistant. Avoid also toys that are made using plastic material because they can contain toxic elements.


Be careful when purchasing dog toys that make some sound. You may find out that your dog loves the dog but you do not like it. You will have a very uncomfortable time in the house when your pug is playing with the toy.

Different types of pug toys

There are various types of dog toys available in a pet store. Below are some of the best dog toys for pugs in each category.

Interactive dog toys

As the name suggests, these interactive toys are for both the dog and owner to play with together. They are good toys because they help you to bond with the dog during playtime if you have a busy schedule. These toys are also good for training your dog.

Other types of interactive toys are the ones that interact with your dog without requiring you to be around. Example of such a toy is Wickedbone Smart Bone

Wickedbone Smart Bone

Wickedbone Smart Bone automatic dog toy
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 Just a normal dog bone offers no interaction with the dog and they cause gastric problems. For a dog owner looking for a toy that can entertain your dog the whole day, Wicked bone smart automatic interactive dog toys is the right choice.

This is the only dog toy that can be controlled using an app on your IOS or android phone. You can set different playing modes for indoors and outdoors.

Wickedbone toy can also react to some of your dog actions with its built-in intelligent system. For example, when your dog runs, the toy will run after your dog and chase it and it can turn and run away.


Key features

  • Made using safe and soft polycarbonate material.
  • Easy to remove tires and clean it.
  • Capable of customizing colors.
  • Takes only one hour to fully charge.
  • Different emotional driven systems like chasing and teasing.

Other types of interactive dog toys are some that dispense treats while the dog plays with them.

OurPets IQ Treat Ball

OurPets IQ Treat Ball toy for pugs
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Treat dispensing dog toys not only keep your dog active and playful but they also reward them. You just have to buy your pug favorite treat and add them in the ball. When the pug rolls the ball,  treats are dispensed and the dog can feed on them.

Treat ball also allows you to adjust interior ball disc and determine how the kibbles come out. These are perfect toys for promoting active feeding in a dog by rewarding them with treats.

Key Features

  • Strong and durable plastic toy made using high-quality material that is capable of withstanding rough dog games.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Perfect toy for small and medium-size dogs.


These perfect toys are best for playing tossing and fetch with your dog. Example of such a toy is West Paw.

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog toy

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog toy
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Zisc is not just everyday dog Frisbee but this toy is designed to last for several highflying fun. It is durable but still soft on the dog jaws. It designed with bright colors that make the toy visible in the tall grass or in the park.

There are several reasons why dog owners love Zogoflex. It is durable, made in the USA using recyclable material that is safe and capable of floating.


Chewable are chew toys for pugs that are in early teething stages. These types of toys release endorphins, which helps in calming the dog and keeping them happy while chewing. If you do not have chewing toys for your pugs that love to chew, they can turn their chewing behavior towards your shoes, socks, and leather seats. Below are some of the best toys for puppies that love to chew.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

KONG Classic Dog Toy
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Kong for pug is an old toy that has been there for over 30 years. This perfect toy for the dog that loves to chew. Professional dog trainers and pet officers recommend this toy. You can add Kong treats and ziggies, which can keep misbehaving pugs busy and prevent bad behavior.

This toy has a unique shape and rubber that you cannot predict how the next bounce can be.

Key features

  • This toy is capable of stimulating the dog mind.
  • Perfect for bounce game that one cannot predict.
  • Can easily be stuffed with dog treats like snacks etc.
  • Dog toy made in the USA.
  • Made using non-toxic globally sourced material.
  • Can be cleaned with a dishwasher.

Comfort toys

These big toys look like dog beds. Pugs can sleep on them. The fact that pug shed a lot of their hair, purchasing these toys can reduce the amount of fur that gets on your seats. They are perfect for dogs that are anxious because they can calm them down.

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow
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ZippyPaws friends burrow toys is a large plush dog toy that allows your canine friends to play interactive hide and seek game. Inside the toy, there are hedgehogs which dogs will love digging and getting them out. Once all the hedgehogs are out, you can add them inside again for your pugs to burrow them again. These toys can provide your dogs with hours of interactive fun even when you are not around. Zippypaws burrow has soft fabric that cannot injure pug puppies that are in the teething stage.

Key Features

  • Large toy for all dog sizes.
  • Provides the dog with several hours of fun.
  • Perfect for burrowing.
  • Has soft fabric material that is non-toxic and cannot be swallowed.


Dental toys

Just like chewing toys for teething dogs, dental toys also encourage the dog to chew releasing endorphins. These dental toys also have ridges that have dental health benefits like massaging their gums, cleaning the teeth’s and making their jaws stronger. A perfect example of such toy is JOBNICE Dog Toothbrush


It is my hope you learned something about the best toys for pugs. Actually, there is no difference between a black pug toy and a fawn pug toy in case you own these two types of dogs. Make sure you grab some of these toys from any pug merchandise store or any other dog store available online.

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