Do pugs shed?

Every person who is looking forward to purchasing a pug will always ask himself or herself this big question, do pug shed? The answer is yes. Pugs are heavy shedders because they shed throughout the year unlike other dog breeds; however, there can be differences when it comes to black and fawn coats.

If you purchase a pug dog, make sure you purchase Deenkee Robot hair cleaner because you will have hair all over the house. Below are some of the factors that can determine the amount of shedding in pug.

Factors that determine how much pug sheds

Here are five key factors that determine how much a pug sheds. Some are natural factors that dogs or we human beings cannot have control on them However, we can control one lifestyle factor. Continue reading to find out.

  1. Pug coat-Black pugs most have one layer coat, which sheds moderately, however, some have double. If your pug is not black, there are great chances that it has a double layer which sheds a lot.
  2. Current season-Despite the fact that pugs are all year shedders, changes in the day and night length can trigger shedding. For example, if days become shorter which is the case in the autumn season, pugs begin to shed so that winter coat can grow and vice versa.
  3. Pug age-Once pug reaches 1 to 1.5-year mark, the amount of hair it sheds will drastically increase.
  4. Bathing pug-Once you bath the pug, the shedding will increase because you will loosen the dead and loose hair in the dog coat, therefore, it will fall off.
  5. Changes in pug hormone levels-As female pugs enters the heat cycle, they will experience to much hair shedding because of changes in hormones levels in their bodies.

All above factors applies to other dog breeds also but pugs are the most affected. It is important to know why pugs are the biggest shedders when comp aired with other dog breeds.

Reasons why do pug shed

  • Black pugs and some nonblack pugs like a fawn, apricot fawn, and silver fawn have double coats i.e. short outer and soft inner layer. A dog with a double coat means double shedding.
  • All pug coats, single or double are packed i.e. 600 hairs per square inch compared to other dog breeds that have 100 hairs per square inch.
  • Pug hair cycle, which has three stages (growth, rest, and shed), is more rapid when comp aired with other dog breeds.

How to stop pugs from shedding

We cannot completely stop pug shedding but we can manage by doing the following.

  1. Clean fur in the house-Cleaning loose fur in the house will help you know the amount of fur the pug is shedding; therefore, managing pug shedding will be easier. For large floors, you can use a Shark Rotator Vacuum cleaner; it is one of the best pet hair cleaners.
  2. Supplement pug diet-Vitamin A and fatty acids can help to reduce pug shedding. You can add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pug food, however, always consult a Veterinary officer before adding supplements in the pug food.
  3. Regular outdoor exercise -taking your pug for outdoor jogging and walks can help to keep his coat healthy hence slowing shedding.
  4. Bathe your pug frequently. You can bathe your pug at least once a month, however, if you make the process entertaining, you can even bathe him once a week and he will not complain. Make sure you use best hypoallergenic shampoo that cannot dry out your dog skin.
  5. Brush your pug daily using a de-shedding brush with fine teeth capable of removing all the dead hair. If you brush your pug, the hair that would end up in your furniture will end up in the right place. FURminator is one of the perfect de-shedding tools you need if you own a pug.


Pugs will always shed their hair. It is your responsibility to find ways to manage the shedding if you love your pug. You have to purchase the right pug accessories he needs so that he/she can have a comfortable life. Find also lovely pug cloths in our store. Free shipping to over 185 countries and 10% off for orders above 20 USD.

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