How long do pugs live?

In case you are planning to get yourself a pug dog and you want to know how long these small dogs can live. This is the right article for you. You will learn the following:-

  • Pug life expectancy.
  • What are some of the causes of pug deaths
  • How to extend a pug life span.

Pug life expectancy

How long do pugs live? Every person who wants to own a pug asks this question. A normal pug can live for an average of 12-15 years. Generally, small dogs tend to live longer compared with larger ones whose life expectancy is short.

A male pug can live for 12.8 years while female pugs have a longer life expectancy, which is 13.2 years, However, if you take care of your pug well, he can live for even 15,16 or 17 years.

What influences pug life expectancy is their body shape for example their flat face and screw like looking tails.

It is also important to note that a healthy pug should weigh between 10-25 pounds. Overweight pugs are prone to diseases. Ensure you take your pug for exercise and walks to keep them fit and healthy. You can purchase small dog shock collars like pet safe remote trainer for walking and exercising your dog.


What are some of the causes of pug deaths

If you want to be happy in life, get yourself a pug dog. These dogs are charming and they have good social traits. They have a loving nature and that the reason why they are loved by many people.

Due to the pug appearance, they are prone to certain conditions, which can lead to death most of the time. They are not easy bread to take care especially their coat, which they shed throughout the year. Below, are common causes of pug death:-

Congenital Disease

In terms of deaths, congenital diseases are responsible for 8.4% of all pug deaths. They include all diseases, which are present from the first day they are given, birth. Example of the congenital disease is heart defect, a septal defect that affects blood flow and stenosis which is an unusual narrow passage in the plug body.


Pugs are prone to infectious diseases, which are number three in the number of deaths they cause i.e. 10%., these diseases include-

  • Viral diseases like parvovirus and distemper
  • A bacterial infection like leptospirosis
  • Fungal infections like blast mycosis, histoplasmosis
  • Protozoal disease e.g. babesiosis and leishmaniasis.


Cancer is the number two cause of pug deaths with a percentage of 12.5. Common cancer that strikes pugs are:-

  • Skin tumors
  • Mammary tumors
  • Testicular tumor
  • Mouth cancer

Neurological disorders

This is the number one cause of pug deaths responsible for 27.4 percent. Neurological disorder refers to any defect that affects the dog nervous system e.g. brain, spinal and nerves. Common neurological disorders in pugs are-

  • Encephalitis, which is diseases, that causes inflammation in pug brain causing seizures, lethargy and even muscle control loss.
  • Hemi vertebrae-This is a spinal disorder, which is caused by the screw shape of a pug tail. This malformation of the spinal bone is a common disorder in small dogs like bulldog and pugs. What happens is that the pug spinal cord compresses leading to limb weakness and even paralysis.
  • Pug Myelopathy-This is a condition related to only pugs. Just like Hemivertebrae is compression of pug spine caused by vertebrae irregularities. This condition also affects the real limbs and can cause paralysis.

How to extend a pug life span.

Here are some of the way, which can extend the pug life span:-

Good diet

Pugs dogs are very prone to obesity. Obesity always leads to heart, breathing, hips, and joint related health problems. For a pug to live longer, you have to feed him with the best food for pugs . Keep the following tips in mind when choosing pug food.

  • Cook him high-quality food.
  • Instead of giving him fatty snacks, replace them with whole food like carrots.
  • Have this schedule in place not feeding every time.


Proper grooming is very important for every pug. They have wrinkles and ears, which need a lot of attention to ensure they are healthy and to avoid skin related infections. Grooming pugs include bathing them at least once a month using best shampoo for pugs and brushing them often to reduce shedding using best brush for pugs.

Most people forget also pug teeth need to be cleaned to prevent infections in the mouth from spreading to the bloodstream. Cleaning their teeth also prevent a pug from losing their teeth as they age. You can purchase Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dog Toothbrush and paste which is cheap.

Daily exercise

You have to find the right balance when it comes to pug exercise. Too much exercise can lead to health issues like breathing problems. You can walk your pug in the morning before 10 Am and in the evening around 5 pm to keep him fit.

Regular pug check-ups

Checking your pug health on a regular basis is very important. Issues spotted in pug should be treated on time. Geriatric screening should be performed on the aging dogs at least twice per year.


How long do pugs live is determined by the care they get from their owner. Pugs are delicate dogs and they will always need the best care from their owner. If you own a pug, you can find some awesome pug merchandise in our store. We offer 10% off for orders exceeding 20USD.

How long do pugs live
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How long do pugs live
In case you are planning to get yourself a pug dog and you want to know how long these small dogs can live. This is the right article for you. You will learn the following:-Pug life expectancy.What are some of the causes of pug deathsHow to extend a pug life span.
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