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Pug harness

A pug harness is equipment that consists of straps that web and loop around the torso of a pug dog, cat, and pig, rabbit, etc. The straps are fastened together with buckles that are quick release. Apart from pet harness, there are also harness for birds like parrots.

A complete dog harness has two attachments points for attaching a leash. You can either attach leash at the back top and use it for normal walking around the park or yard. The front clip can be used to attach a pug leash for discourage pulling.

There are several reasons why professional vet officers recommend buying a no-pull dog harness for pugs instead of using a collar.

Reasons why Harness are best for pugs

There are several benefits of using harness especially with small breed dogs like pugs. Apart from having, total control over your pet, harnesses have health benefits. For example, pugs are known to be brachycephalic breed.

What does that mean?

Brachycephaly is a Greek word that is used to describe all animals that have shorter skulls portraying unusual look compared with other animals. Placing any pressure on the pug’s neck by having a leash attached to the collar can worsen their health even more. It is because of this reason why pug owner prefers buying a harness.

A pug dog harness is capable of distributing pressure and force around the dog chest, shoulder and back. Below are the pros of using a harness.

Pros of using a pug dog harness

  • Total control especially if you are walking your dog on a busy road or park.
  • Helps to discourage pug-pulling behavior because when he pulls only the front legs will get off the ground.
  • It is the only way of stopping pug from jumping against your visitors without choking or injuring his neck.
  • They are best for pug puppies that can easily be tangled when on leash and collar.
  • If other dogs or animals distract your pug, a harness can help to keep him focused while walking to avoid injuries.

What to look for in best dog harness

There are several features to look for when buying the best harness for pugs because they are of different types. Below are key features that you put in mind.

  • A no-pull dog harness to make sure your dog walks beside you.
  • Easy on and off harness that is easy to use.
  • Heavy-duty capable of standing bigger dogs pulling.
  • Comfortable on the dog.
  • Should have a breathable mesh.
  • For safe night walks, the harness should be reflective.
  • Perfect to fit all dog sizes even bigger than pugs.

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