Pug crate size-What ideal crate a crate for pug

What ideal pug crate size? This is the question every pug owner asks himself or herself whenever they are looking for a crate for pug. However, is it good to crate pug and what ideal pug crate size? In this article, we will review the best dog crates available in the market. We will also go into details on pug crating.

Pugs are very lovely dogs and they make the best man friend. They are small and they love outdoor activities like running, walking and jogging. When you are around, pugs can be left free to run around however when you are away, you need to put them somewhere they will be contained in a crate.

Here are my Amazon picks for best dog crates.

What size dog crate do I need for pug

Crates are off different types and finding the best for your pug you will need criteria to help you select. Below are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing an ideal crate size for pug.

  • Ease of transporting-A good pug crate should be easy transport. The crate should be able to fit in the car seat. A pug inside the crate will be safer while driving since they cannot use safety belts. The crate should have handles and hinges to make the transportation process easy.
  • Durability-Every pug owner wants to buy just one crate in the life of a dog. You have to choose a crate for pug that is durable and can withstand chewing, tear and wearing out. The crate should also be strong so that it will not crumble during transportation. A good pug crate should be there the whole of pug life.
  • Ease of cleaning-A good pug crate should be easy to clean using general use shampoo or other soaps.
  • Doors-A crate for pug should be easy to open and close when getting your dog in and out. The doors also should have a mechanism that ensures when you lock your pug, he will be safe and there are no chances of him getting out.
  • Able to fit pug bed-Your pug will be more comfortable if the crate is capable of fitting his bed and some of the toys he loves playing with. Toys in the crate will keep the pug entertained and it will be easy to crate him since he will not be lonely.
  • Safety-The last thing you should think of is your pug-associating crate with pain and bad experience. The crate should not have sharp edges or wires that can injure the dog. A bad crate experience will make the pug stubborn when crating him.
  • Crate size-Are you wondering what ideal crate size for pug, depending on your pug size, you should buy a crate, which your pug is able to turn around. Ideal crate size for pug should be 17 inches to 23 inches in length

Dog crate types for pug

There are different types of dog crates available in the market. Most dog owners know only metal wire crates. They are popular because they are easy to clean and they are affordable. Below are other pug crates options that you can choose. Each crate type has different prices, therefore, depending on your budget, you can find one that suits you best.

  • Aluminium Dog Crate –These crates are heavy duty but they are lighter compared with steel crates. They are best for pugs that chew. In case you travel a lot, these crates can be used in an airline.
  • Steel crates-They are suitable for chewers and scratchers. They are heavy and strong.
  • Soft Dog Crate –These types of crates are best for indoors and outdoors. They are lightweight and very portable. They can easily be carried while you are on vacations or camping somewhere in the mountains. The fact that they are affordable and easy clean, they are most loved pug crates. On the corners, they have metal frames and soft fabric on the sides therefore, they can be folded up or down.
  • Wooden Dog Crate –If you are looking for an indoor pug crate, choose wooden crates. They easily blend with your furniture and you can paint them according to your color preference to match your tables and seats. These types of dog crates are not suitable for traveling since they can be heavy.
  • Plastic dog crates-The most popular method of pet transport is plastic crates. These crates are lightweight however; the bigger they are the weaker they are. In case you want to buy a big crate made of plastic, choose the ones that are made using heavy-duty plastic. They are best crates for large dogs like a German shepherd. In addition, heavy-duty plastic crates are strong and the can withstand chewing and scratching from dogs that are destructive.

Best pug crate reviews

Choosing pug crate, you have to think of the average size of a pug. The crate for pug should have enough space for him to be free to play around. Below are some of the best ideal pug crate size.

New world folding metal dog crate

New world folding metal dog crate
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When you purchase a new world dog cage you will have a  place where your dog can feel secure and relax after a hectic day. One good thing I love about a new world dog crate is the fact that this crate does not make the pet feel lonely since it provides visibility and ventilation.

These new world crates are the best for potty training and housebreaking. In addition to that, these crates are suitable for curbing dog bad behavior like barking and chewing.

All dogs will curl and create their own space in the house if they do not have a place where they can call their own, therefore, new world folding metal dog crate provides the pug with his own space. You can add a soft bed inside the cage to make him more comfortable. Crates can help in managing dog hair in the house especially pugs which shed a lot.

In case you have more than one pug, you can use new world dog crate divider to subdivide the cage into two parts.


  • Well ventilated dog cage.
  • Allows proper visibility.
  • Gives your dog a secure place.
  • Long lasting and protective.
  • Has round corners for dog safety.
  • Easy to fold therefore portable.
  • Made using durable metal
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for all dog sizes.


  • The door can have alignment issues.

2PET Foldable Dog Crate 

2PET Foldable Dog Crate 
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In case, you want to buy the best soft-sided foldable dog crate, 2pet is what you should buy. This is the most preferred collapsible travel dog crate because it is very portable and lightweight.

What I love about a 2pet folding soft dog crate is how this cage combines functionality and touch of class. Apart from traveling, you can use this collapsible dog cate indoor and outdoor. It made using heavy-duty steel tubes and water-resistant fabric.


  • 2pet foldable dog crate large has mesh windows, which allow ventilation.
  • Has a waterproof mat and washable cushion pad.
  • It is lightweight therefore easy to carry.
  • Has top handle for securing inside the car seat.
  • Its foldable dog crate hence best for training, outdoor and indoors.


  • Horrible customer service

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate
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Midwest Home for pets are the most trusted top crate sellers. They are designed to offer security, safety, and comfort to your dog. With the help of Midwest homes for pets size chart, you can determine the pug crate size that you need.

Even if you own large dogs, Midwest homes for pets XXL giant dog crate is the option for you. In addition, if you want to buy a puppy crate size, you can still buy Midwest homes dog crate and use a divider panel to adjust the size.

Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate provides your pug with a secure place where he can call his own.


  • Has a safe and secure slide bolt latches with round corners for dog safety.
  • Durable e-coat finish.
  • Has removable washable plastic pan.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is portable.
  • Plastic handle for carrying after folding.
  • Comes with free divider for adjusting the size.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Has four rollers feet for protecting the floor.


  • Can have difficult assembling due to latches.

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage
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Looking for the best heavy duty dog crate that can provide your dog with a warm comfortable home, Luckup dog cage is the right one for you.

This heavy duty dog crate comes in two types each of different size i.e. 38 inches and 42 inches. Luckup heavy duty dog cage 48 inch is suitable for pets, which are large and cannot fit in the 42-inch model. Below are some of the key features I like in this cage.


  • Made from a heavy-duty frame that is strong and durable.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Best for all dog sizes.
  • Has two doors.
  • 360 degrees rotating locking casters which make it easy to move the crate.
  • It is easy to clean because it has a removable plastic tray.
  • Ease of assembling.
  • Safety buckles which prevent a dog from opening the crate door and escaping.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Quite expensive

Amazonbasics two-door top-load pet kennel

Amazonbasics two-door top-load pet kennel
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In case you want to get your pug, or a Yorkie from one town to another, two door top load pet kennel from Amazonbasics will make it easy for you.

This crate is designed to ensure your pet remains safe, secure and comfortable while traveling around. You can use Amazonbasics two-door top-load pet kennel when going for hiking or when visiting the veterinarian.


  • Made using durable plastic combined with steel wire.
  • Two doors make it easy to load your dog.
  • Screws are used to secure the top.
  • Ventilated on both sides.
  • Has Spring-loaded latch, which ensures a smooth opening.


  • The top door closes easily therefore, you have to hold it.

Pug crate training related questions

Here are some of the questions you should know before crating your pug.

What size crate for a pug puppy

A standard pug crate size should be between 16inches to 22 inches. There is no specific puppy crate size however, you can buy a big crate and subdivide it. You can go for a good crate size for an adult pug because even if you own a puppy pug, he will still grow bigger.

How long can I crate my dog

Crating is not the solution to some of the pet behavior. If crates are not used in the right way, the pug can feel like he has no freedom.

Here are some of the crate dos and don’ts

  • You should never crate your pug in order to punish his wrongdoing. He will fear the crate.
  • Do not crate your dog for a long time. Crating your dog all night and day will make him feel depressed and left out. Too much crating can also make your pug obese since he does not get enough exercise.
  • Do not crate your dog until you are sure they will not destroy the house. A crate should be a place where they can go and relax without being forced.
  • Puppies and adults pugs should not be created for more than 3 hours because they cannot hold on their bladders or bowels for that long.

Guidelines for dog crating

A pug of 9-10 weeks should be crated for 30 and 60 min.

11-14 weeks, crating time should be 1 and 3 hours.

15-16 weeks crating time should be 3-4 hours

17+ weeks should be between 4 -5 hours.

Are pugs hard to housebreak?

The answer is yes. Small dogs like pugs and French bulldogs are known to be hard to train ‘housebreaking’ compared with the large ones. However, it is possible to train them using other methods and devices that can help in training your pug.

You have to be patient for more than a month even though the process will be a nauseating and embarrassing experience. It is important to note that during this housebreaking process it the time you may break or make your relationship with pug. Proper care is needed to avoid confusing your pug.

How to make a dog crate more comfortable

pug bed
pug in bed

There are things that you can add in the pug crate to make it more comfortable. If you will be locking him up for hours during the day or night, here are some of the things you can add them up inside the crate.

  • Water-Most dog owners ask, “Should I put water in my dog’s crate”. Just like human beings, dog body also contains more water therefore, they need to take water on a daily basis. A dog crate should never lack water. You can use hamster water dispenser in the cage.
  • Toys-You can put two or three different toys in the cage for him to play when idle. There are interactive toys that can keep your dog entertained and happy. Also, toys that have snacks will make the dog to love the cage since he will associate the crate with freebies.
  • Bedding-A pug crate needs a small mattress and a blanket which he can cover himself with especially on the cold season like winter.


Crate training your pug is very important therefore if you own a pug you should purchase a crate so that he can have his own place. Check out also types of small dog shock collars which are also important in training and correcting dog unwanted behavior. You’re a pug lover, we got great pug keychains in our store.

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