Pug weight chart |What an ideal weight for pug

Very few dog owners can realize their pug are growing fatter and fatter every day. Another problem is that some pugs are wrongly classified as obese because of their body structure.

If that is the case, it is very important to be aware of pug weight chart. This chart gives you an ideal weight for pug at a certain age. Looking at the chart and comparing with your pug, you can easily determine if you have an overweight pug or a healthy one.

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Pug dogs

Pug are dogs that are breed specifically as pet dogs or house dogs. Their body shape is very distinctive with wrinkles, short-muzzled face and a curled tail.

They have a fine coat that sheds much of their fur throughout the year therefore; you need to have the right pug grooming brushes to reduce shedding.

Their coat also comes in various types of colors. Commonly known are black and fawn however, there are other colors like apricot and silver fawn. Pug life expectancy is between 12 and 15-year however if the pug is obese he/she may succumb to health issues related to being overweight. They are known to be stubborn, clever, social and very playful especially when they have interactive toys.

How much do pugs weigh

According to American Kennel Club adult pug average weight is 14 to 18 pounds for a 10-13 inches dog size however the weight should vary depending on the pug gender. A 6-month-old pug should weigh between 7 to 12 pounds, which is equal to 3 and 5 kilograms whereas a 4-month-old pug weight should be  2 and 5 pounds. Below is a detailed table showing average pug weight

Pug weight chart

Age Weight Food Quantity Frequency
8 weeks 0.90 and 1.80 kg 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of puppy food 4 times
4 months 2-3kgs ¼-⅓ cup of dog food atleast 3 times a day
6 months 3 -5 kgs ⅓-½ cup 2 times
Adult pug 5.89-9.07 ½ cup 1 time

If you would like to learn more about feeding your dog make sure you read pug dog food chart

Reasons why pugs become obese

Below is a combination of some of the factors that makes pug become overweight.

Too much eating

Pugs are dogs that are known for their love for food. They can feed on any dog food because they have a great appetite. If you allow him to eat everything he comes across automatically he will get so fat each day. It recommended having a clear procedure and feeding time. He can remain in the dog crate when you are not around to avoid too much eating.

Another way of ensuring you have control on the amount of food your dog feeds on is by purchasing Pet Feeding Bowl  that has a measuring scale. Below is a great example of a pet bowl with LCD display measuring scale.

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Lack of exercise

Pugs have short legs whereas other dog breeds have long legs. They cannot exercise well like other dogs, which are capable of hunting and jogging around the park. The fact that they burn fewer calories and take in a lot of food, these dogs become obese very easily. You should purchase pug harness and make sure you take him for walks every day.

Pug age

Every dog and human beings, metabolism decreases as the age progresses. Adult pug requires little calories in one day however; they retain their appetite meaning they will continue feeding like the puppy pugs. This can cause them to quickly gain weight in a very short period.

Overweight pug’s health risk

There are several health risks related to pug gaining a lot of weight and becoming obese. It is important to note that being fat is not obesity. Obesity involves gradual gain of weight and flesh making pug mobility even difficult.

An overweight pug can have difficult cooling its body especially during summer. They get hotter very fast compared with slim pugs with less fat. More weight on the dog also will cause spinal problems and arthritis.

When a pug also becomes overweight, their coat becomes large and it starts to form folds, which increase the chances of getting mounds.


A quick look at pugs weight chart, you can easily determine if your lovely pooch is overweight. Pug growth should be clearly monitored to make sure they do not get obese. For the already obese dogs, it is not the end of the road. Changing the quantity and type of food they take can help in reducing their weight. Daily exercise can also help your dog to remain healthy.

Pug weight chart |What an ideal weight for pug
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Pug weight chart |What an ideal weight for pug
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