All information about pug you need to know

Pugs have been very popular dog breeds among American dog owners. According to ACK pug rank number 28 of 193 in terms of popularity. They are dogs classified in small dog’s breeds that are 10-13 inches tall and they weigh 14-18 pounds. Pugs can live for about  13-15 years.

Brief History of pugs

Ancient China emperors loved flat faced toy dogs. Therefore, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, and pugs were developed as pet toys for the emperor and his family members.

In the 1500s, Dutch traders started selling pugs in the west. After, the pugs have now been related to Dutch. The reason why pugs are the best dogs for royal families across Europe it is because they have an expressive face. They are charming and have a loving nature.

Pug food

Pugs should eat high-quality food whether prepared at home or manufactured. The amount of food, nutrition value, and feeding frequency is determined by the pug age.

Normally, pugs are prone to obesity. It is important to watch out the number of calories that your dog takes and weight level.

Here are some of the popular pug foods

Grooming pugs

One of the questions most dog owners ask themselves is Do pugs shed?. The question is YES. Pugs are big shedders when compared with other dog breeds. Therefore, you need the right grooming products like shampoo and brush for your pug.

It recommended you bathe your pug after 2 weeks or on a monthly basis depending on the pug activities. Brushing the pug coat weekly can also remove loose hair leaving pug looking good. Pug nails should also be trimmed often because long pug nails look bad.

Black pug vs fawn pug

Black pug vs fawn pug
Black pug vs fawn pug difference and similarities

One difference between black and fawn pug is their color. Another difference is that black pug has a single coat while fawn has a double coat. The double coat has a soft and dense inner layer. Black pugs have single layer without inner layer, therefore, less shedding. Black pug and fawn pug have similarities. They have the same size, body structure e.g., ears, tail shape.

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